Top 10 whiskies


Best performing Scotch whiskey from other regions

1: Jack Daniels

Sales in 2018 – 13.3M cases
Sales in 2017 – 12.9M cases
Up 2.7% from 2017
Ranked 2 in 2017

2: Jim Beam

Sales in 2018 – 9.7M cases
Sales in 2017 – 8.9M cases
Up 9.8% from 2017
Ranked 2nd in 2017

3: Jameson

Sales in 2018 – 7.5M cases
Sales in 2017 – 6.9M cases
Up 9.3%
Ranked 4th in 2017

4: Crown Royal

Sales in 2018 – 7.3M cases
Sales in 2017 – 7M cases
Up 3.4%
Ranked 3rd 2017

5: Suntory Kakubi

Sales in 2018 – 5M cases
Sales in 2017 – 4.7M cases
Up 7.1%
Remains 5th

6: Black Nikka

Sales in 2018 – 3.2M cases
Sales in 2017 – 3M cases
Up 6.7%
Remains 6th

7: Seagram’s 7

Sales in 2018 – 2.7M cases
Sales in 2017 – 2.9M cases
Down 6.2%
New to list

8: Evan Williams

Sales in 2018 – 2.6M cases
Sales in 2017 – 2.4M cases
Up 4.9%
Ranked 7th in 2016

9: Suntory Torys

Sales in 2018 – 2.3M cases
Sales in 2017 – 2M cases
Up 16.1%
New to list

10: Makers Mark

Sales in 2018 – 2.2M cases
Sales in 2017 – 1.9 M cases
Up 11.8%
Remains 10th

This is a list of whiskies that shows the best-selling whiskies from the other whiskey producing regions by volume, which is why we have the US topping the list Jack Daniel’s with 13.3M cases. This list would look very different if we included whiskies from Scotland and India with volumes of blends such as Officers choice selling in the region of 31M cases. Here we are highlighting other countries that produce whisky much overlooked in other lists of bestselling but do however deserve some recognition and brads such as Jameson, Makers Mark and JD deserve their credit as without these brands whisky in those countries globally would be over-looked.

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