Should You Buy A Cask Of Whisky?

Should You Buy A Cask Of Whisky?

Purchasing your very own cask of whisky is a truly unique and exclusive opportunity for both the whisky connoisseur and the investor alike. Before you decide to take the plunge and buy a cask, it’s important to consider whether this type of whisky investment is right for you. Are you looking to turn a healthy profit or just keen to have a future supply of bottles with your very own name on them? Both of these are excellent reasons to purchase your own cask, and will help guide you towards selecting the best cask for your needs.

Probably the biggest draw of whisky cask purchase is the potential financial rewards which can be immense. Across the globe demand for whisky is growing with every passing year while distilleries struggle to keep up and expand their supply. Selling whisky by the cask might seem like an odd strategy for distilleries who are faced with huge demand for their wares, but actually it makes business sense since it is a way for distilleries to get an instant cash injection while they wait for their own casks to be ready for bottling.

Secondly, purchasing your own cask gives you secure access to a ready supply of mature whisky in the future. Rather than selling your cask on at a profit, you may choose to bottle the whisky instead and share the proceeds with family and friends. A cask of whisky will normally yield around 200 bottles after 10 years of maturation, enough to keep even the most hardened whisky drinker in stock for quite some time.

This can be a very cost effective way to purchase top-quality whisky since it allows you to enter the market at a very early stage and the large quantities involved ensures you get a great deal. If you choose to bottle your cask rather than sell it on, you can even put your own name on the label and create your very own whisky “brand”. Interestingly, no two whisky casks are the same; even when two casks are filled with the same liquid and stored in the same warehouse for the same amount of time there will still be differences in how they mature.

Another unique advantage of owning a cask of whisky is that you have the rare chance to observe and learn more about whisky as you watch your cask mature. Usually your purchase will come with a range of special benefits including the chance to visit the distillery and regular samples so you can experience how your cask is developing over the coming years. For a true whisky connoisseur, this unique access can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to delve deeper into a fascinating and exclusive world which is normally off limits to outsiders.

Without the right contacts purchasing your own cask can be near impossible which is why most investors choose to use a service like Tomoka Casks. Our whisky experts can help you to secure highly sought-after casks thanks to our extensive network of industry insiders. We can also advise you on the best moment to sell your cask to maximise your return and assist with bottling should you wish to keep your whisky to enjoy yourself.

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