Positive Momentum For Whisky Market In 2020 Despite Covid-19 Challenges

Positive Momentum For Whisky Market In 2020 Despite Covid-19 Challenges

The latest figures released by Rare Whisky 101, the whisky market’s best-known index which tracks prices of rare bottles, show that despite Covid-19 the market has held steady across the first three quarters of 2020. 

The website notes that there has been significant buoyancy over the past few months, especially when the market is narrowed to their Rare-Whisky-Apex1000 Index (A1K) which tracks the value of 1000 of the rarest and most coveted bottles of single malt Scotch. 

Over Q1-Q3 of 2020 the A1K has grown by 6.82%, a figure which is nearly double the 3.79% increase seen in 2019 over the same period. This puts 2020 so far almost on a par with the total year-long growth for 2019 which was 7.17%. 

This bodes well for investors given that we still have Q4 2020 to come, a quarter that is traditionally the strongest-performing of the whole year. The A1K finished up September on 960.14 points, a new record for the index. 

This buoyant trend is reflected in several of Rare Whisky 101’s other indices, cementing the strength of the whisky market even during these turbulent times. For example, the Balvenie TUN 1401 Index which tracks a now-discontinued Balvenie series finished September up 10.9% while the Yamazaki Index was up 9.2%. 

The continued growth of the whisky market comes despite the pressures and challenges of Covid-19 and hefty 25% US tariffs on single malt Scotch. Thanks to consistent demand and a negligible correlation to wider markets, the whisky market has held steady and even delivered record results for certain segments of the market. 

We expect to see continued growth over the final quarter of 2020, making whisky investment a wise move for any investor wishing to diversify their portfolio.

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