Our Casks

Our Casks

Decades of industry exposure and insider knowledge mean we have access to a vast range of casks. Our whisky experts work closely with you to understand your budget and investment goals so we can find the best option for you.

Below you will find a selection of our exclusive casks currently available for purchase.


The cask will be held for 4 years minimum as part of the purchase agreement. In those 4 years the investor/bottler has the comfort and knowledge that we will release a limited edition each year at premium price points and relevant packaging to drive this equity and has been done in 2015, 2017, with the 40yo and now with the 29yo. Similarly, the buyer can come to the distillery and meet with our Master Blender and check the liquid, etc through that period.



Contact us to talk about adding one or more of these exclusive casks to your investment portfolio.