Littlemill Casks


Built in Bowling in West Dunbartonshire in 1772, Littlemill is Scotland’s oldest licensed distillery. After passing through various owners’ hands it was eventually bought by the independent distiller and blender Loch Lomond Group in 1994. Unfortunately the distillery was destroyed by fire in 2004, becoming one of the infamous “lost distilleries”. This has Littlemill whisky extremely sought-after both in cask and bottle.

The last remaining casks which are marketed as ’the last precious drops’ were then sold in 2015 and in 2017, retailing at £2,000 to £2,250 per bottle. The first one in 2015 was of 1,500 bottles whilst the 2017 one was only 500 bottles. Both promptly sold out.

A sell-out 40 Year Old was released in 2018 which carried a retail price point of £6,000 and only yielded 250 bottles globally. Littlemill release just a few hundred of their own bottlings annually.

Jass Patel

The cask will be held for 4 years minimum as part of the purchase agreement. In those 4 years the investor/bottler has the comfort and knowledge that we will release a limited edition each year at premium price points and relevant packaging to drive this equity and has been done in 2015, 2017, with the 40yo and now with the 29yo. Similarly, the buyer can come to the distillery and meet with our Master Blender and check the liquid, etc through that period.



Cask 1

– 1990
– No 2402
– Filled 22/08/90
– Refil Bourbon barrel
– ABV 50.2%
– Regauge bulk litres 146.7

Cask 2

– 1990
– No 2423
– Filed 22/08/90
– Refil Bourbon barrel
– ABV 48.8%
– Regauge bulk litres 150.2