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Investing In Whisky Bottles

In recent years the market for rare whiskies has boomed. In 2019 the record for a single bottle was broken twice, topping out at £1.5 million for a precious bottle of 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare. At Tomoka Casks our whisky experts help you maximise your returns in this high-growth sector by selecting and sourcing top-performing rare bottles.

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Investing In Whisky Casks

Although it might seem like a romantic notion, owning a cask of whisky is a lucrative alternative investment strategy delivering market-beating returns. The Frank Knight Index Luxury Investment Index 2018 rated whisky the top of its list of assets to invest in with annual returns in the region of 15%. Whisky remains an appreciating asset whilst still in the barrel which means that you can see great returns on even modest casks.

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