Founded by the Nelstrop family in a quiet corner of Norfolk, The English Whisky Company was the first modern English distillery to make whisky in over a century when they opened in 2006.

The Nelstrop family have been growing grain in England since at least as far back as 1335, so it was only natural that they should start making single malt whisky from top quality English barley. James Nelstrop and his son Andrew were quick to recognise the potential of this charming part of Norfolk for producing exceptional whisky.

Norfolk is one of the best places to grow barley in the UK, and so all the barley is locally sourced. The distillery is located just 50ft above the Breckland Aquifier which gives them the benefit of having crystal clear hard water on site. 

Over the past decade the family have created a thriving and award-wining boutique distillery with the help of Ian Henderson who was previously working at Laphroig. Ian then trained David Fitt, to come on board in 2008 and David has been head distiller ever since. In that time David has been awarded Distillery Manager of Year in 2017 and then in 2020 at the Icon of whisky awards, reaffirming the quality of the whisky that is being produced. 

Demand is high for these unique English whiskies, with the distillery enjoying a cult following in the UK and beyond for their peated and unpeated Small Batch releases. Recent awards include overall category winner for Best English Single Malt at the 2020 World Whisky awards for their Smokey Virgin Small Batch release.