Set in the foothills of Mount Ibuki next to Japan’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Biwa, Nagahama distillery is the country’s smallest distillery at just 26.5 metres squared. The distillery’s post still has a capacity of just 1000 litres so production is extremely limited, making these whiskies highly sought-after by collectors both in Japan and beyond.

Nagahama is also one of Japan’s newest distilleries since single malt production only started in 2016. Prior to that the site had been producing beer since 1996.

Nagahama has a reputation for making some of the smoothest and most balanced new make whisky in Japan, and this is reflected in the increase in value of their new make spirit.

The distillery has been heavily influenced by the UK whisky industry with the idea of setting up the distillery springing from visits to Strathearn and Eden Mill distilleries in Scotland. Nagahama also uses barley imported from Norfolk to create their exceptional single malts.

Forbes magazine have named Nagahama as one of the top 6 Japanese distilleries and they were also recently awarded Best Japanese Blended whisky at the World Whisky Awards 2020. We are extremely proud to have secured an exclusive partnership with them. Our clients can choose from 3 different casks; Laphroig, Bourbon quarter cask and Sherry quarter cask which each hold 125 litres.

Japanese whisky offers a fantastic investment opportunity given that today the country produces 5% of the global whiskey market with solid growth predicted for the near future.