Investing In Whisky Casks

Investing In Whisky Casks

"Investors can now gain exposure to an entirely new asset class: whisky in the barrel… [a] market never before widened out to include private investors."

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Why should you invest in whisky casks?

- Top performing asset according to Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index 2018
- Average returns of 10-16% per annum
- Great returns achievable on even modest casks
- Safe asset-backed investment

- Securely stored “in bond” at the original distillery in optimal conditions
- VAT is only payable once the cask is bottled
- All casks are purchased direct from the distillery to ensure impeccable provenance

Investing In Whisky Casks

Over the last decade or so the idea of owning a cask has gone from a romantic notion to an exciting alternative investment delivering market-beating returns.

Buying whisky in cask benefits both the investor and the distillery; investors enjoy healthy returns and the thrill of owning their very own casks while easing the hefty working capital requirements needed by the distillery to mature their stock.


How it works


Once you have decided to purchase a cask our whisky experts will use their excellent insider contacts to source your cask direct from the distillery.


Your cask will be securely kept in ideal storage conditions at the distillery and will appreciate in value over time. Throughout this period your dedicated account manager will keep you up to date your cask’s performance.


Your account manager will advise you of the most profitable moment to exit the market. Exit options include bottling the cask or selling it on to another investor or collector.

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