Case Studies

Case Studies


Brora is one of the many so-called “mothballed” distilleries. Production ceased in 1983 and their remaining casks are currently sold as extremely limited releases. One of the oldest distilleries, Brora opened in 1819 and was called Clynelish until the actual Clynelish opened down the road 150 years later. The 2014 release of the 40 Year Old was the single most expensive bottle Diageo had released to date. Since then demand has surged for this Highland whisky.

The RWB (Rare Whisky Brora) Index includes official releases up to and including 2012.

Yamazaki was the first whisky distillery to be founded in Japan in 1923 near Kyoto. It was masterminded by Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory which is now one of largest drinks companies in the world. The international appeal of these whiskies has grown significantly over the last few years, winning copious international awards and plaudits for their age-statement releases.

The Yamazaki Rare Whisky Index tracks the performance of 30 collectable bottles from this hugely desirable Japanese brand.
The Macallan

Easily the most famous name in the whisky world, The Macallan was one of the first distilleries to offer special releases, high-profile auction sales and partnerships with top luxury brands including Lalique crystal. The Macallan Lalique Decanter releases are highly sought-after and typically command five-figure prices.

Macallan M18 Index Macallan M25 Index