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Here at Tomoka Casks we’re passionate about empowering investors to profit from this lucrative sector.

Thanks to our insider knowledge and excellent contacts, our whisky experts are able to track down whisky casks and rare bottles with exceptional growth potential.

We take care of every step of the investment process so all you need to do is sit back and watch your profits grow.

Empowering investors


Whisky is now produced the world over and demand is significantly out-stripping supply.

It has become a £4.2 billion in Scotland and worth multiple billions globally. There is no doubt the whisky revolution is here to stay and for that reason is an excellent opportunity to invest in.

Although there are around 20 million casks of whisky aging in warehouses in Scotland alone most of these will go
towards blended whisky, which is why owning a cask of single malt is a great investment now.


Why invest in whisky

Fine whisky has enjoyed the largest growth of any alternative asset category, making it an excellent choice for asset diversification. Tomoka Casks offers a complete whisky investment management service. We work with first-time and seasoned investors alike to deliver a personalised investment strategy. Our whisky experts are on hand every step of the way to ensure you enjoy low-risk market-beating returns.
Whether you love whisky like us and are passionate about a particular style or simply want to protect your portfolio with the top-performing alternative asset, then Tomoka Casks is here to facilitate that requirement.

Investing inwhisky casks

Although it might seem like a romantic notion, owning a cask of whisky is a lucrative alternative investment strategy delivering market-beating returns. The Knight Frank Index Luxury Investment Index 2018 rated whisky the top of its list of assets to invest in with annual returns in the region of 15%. Whisky remains an appreciating asset whilst still in the barrel which means that you can see great returns on even modest casks.

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Investing inwhisky bottles

In recent years the market for rare whiskies has boomed. In 2019 the record for a single bottle was broken twice, topping out at £1.5 million for a precious bottle of 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare. At Tomoka Casks our whisky experts help you maximise your returns in this high-growth sector by selecting and sourcing top-performing rare bottles.

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